The service offered by appAReal S.r.l. is related to Augmented Reality technology, which is applied to products and/or communications to make them interactive through the use of an App (application) available at App Store™ and Google Play™.

In addition to providing Augmented Reality interaction, the App contains 4 buttons:

help Information on how to use it
link Address to a Web page customized for each marker (image).Customizable link types are: SUBSCRIBE/buy/GET a quote/REQUEST a VISIT/FILL in the FORM/SHARE/contact us/DOWNLOAD/SUBSCRIBE/links/SEND an EMAIL/register/DOWNLOAD/GO to the TAB
info Credits, more details relating to the marker (only for CORPORATE solution)
bottone_fullscreen FULL mode, device can be moved from the marker and content can be seen off the marker

To note that the system upload content appAReal has been studied by optimizing the use of a single app aimed at achieving different content loaded on virtual servers, ensure app read with a streamlined loading.


The SMART SOLUTION grants the right to use the appAReal App

appAReal is completely responsible for the uploading and management of multi-media contents created by the Client or specially created by appAReal

The cost consists of:

  • SMART SOLUTION annual fee;
  • Royalties on interactive products or communications that use Augmented Reality contents and/or contacts generated by using the App.

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appAReal creates the App with the graphic design of the Client’s Brand and looks after the worldwide publication (in Countries that allow for it) on App Store™, Google Play™ and, if possible, on Windows Store™.

After being trained, the Customer will directly manage the Client’s contents (or those specially created by appAReal) on the appAReal Generator, which has been specially created by appAReal.

The cost consists of:

  • Creation and publication of the Client's App;
  • CORPORATE SOLUTION annual fee;
  • Royalties on interactive products or communications that use Augmented Reality contents and/or contacts generated by using the App.

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appAReal studies the ideas and desires of the Client to whom the project is proposed. This also includes a related cost estimate, which will provide the Augmented Reality integration solutions and the creation of contents.

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The appAReal offer, for all versions, includes:

  • Issuing of patches and new releases;
  • Preparation of environments with the creation of areas to publish images and contents;
  • Dedicated servers;
  • Connectivity;
  • The creation of 1 marker;
  • The use of up to 5 markers;
  • The first 1,000 products or contacts per marker, royalty free.

appAReal utilities vs Competitors

The application can be customized It is impossible to get a customized app with its own brand/logo and colors
Customer has always a direct commercial contact (email, phone, mobile) No reference either information after sale
Customer has a direct technical support (email, phone, mobile) In some there is a help desk with a costly answer in 48 hours

Additional Services

Content Production

Graphic designs of logos, characters, scenes, screenplay and storyboard.
For each item, the Customer will choose from 3 alternative drafts and will be allowed to a maximum of 3 further amendments.
Video filming and post-production - Video with 2D animations- Video with 3D animations.

Creation of products

Digital products – Printed paper materials – Sundry products.