Looking at an old picture, a painting, a billboard, a greeting card, a landscape, a monument always gives us an emotion whether it be pleasant or less pleasant, strong or just mentioned, this arouses in us sensations already experienced or new specifications that touch the strings of our emotions. The emotions are real in the minds of those who live, sometimes so intense as to leave stunned and open-mouthed, but what if these emotions you could reach out and touch thanks to augmented reality?

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You can enter into Augmented Reality just with a smartphone or a tablet, connect to the Store for Android, Apple or Windows8 and download the application. Even PC, Mac or other special viewers, through the use of cameras or web cams, complement the surrounding environment with multimedia content.
The reality filtered by the devices is strengthened with virtual content, the surrounding environment is enriched with graphics, audio, video, 2D and 3D. The new technology is so versatile that find application in many fields, first of all that of communication - many advertising campaigns are implemented with the AR to create greater appeal - in industrial and technical prototyping, also in educational, medical and many other.

Just point an object or a place with the camera and the magic begins ... the reality is enriched with new information, sounds and colors. The image comes from the confines of paper and ink, wraps those who receive it by making experience visual, auditory and tactile. The objects come to life and tell the eyes of the beholder.
From a commercial point of view the company obtained a definite advantage, every potential customer that uses the AR product has the feel of a real live it, with the result to be more inclined to purchase, because it eliminates the risk of remaining unfulfilled.


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